We develop practical solutions at the intersection of worker interest and business imperatives in the global supply chain.
Audits and Assessments

Verité’s social and labor audits are globally recognized as best-in-class, particularly for their ability to provide deep insight to workplace conditions. We take a comprehensive and worker-centered approach to our examination of workplace and recruitment-related issues that triangulates information from workers, management, documents, and physical observation. In some cases, we include stakeholder interviews for context and insight to localized issues.

Our approach to audits and assessments start with a clear understanding of labor and human rights standards and the worker-related issues and risk environments of the different geographies and sectors that we work in. We ensure accuracy, integrity and comprehensiveness in our data-gathering and analysis, and we take a problem-solving approach to post-audit engagements with clients and auditees. Our engagement with workers is designed to provide a safe and confidential space for workers to talk about their working or recruitment experience without fear of retaliation.  

  • Comprehensive Compliance Audit

Our Comprehensive Audit is our most commonly requested service. It includes an assessment of labor, health and safety, ethics and management systems standards, either using Verite’s own social compliance standards or a client’s Code of Conduct. We also offer follow-up audit services, either as full re-audits, visits focused on issue-specific consultation, or remediation check-up visits designed to assess a supplier’s progress in corrective action.

  • High Risk Investigations & Focused Issue Assessments 

We provide a focused and in-depth evaluation of workplace situations that lead to high-risk issues such as forced labor, trafficking, child labor, contract labor, discrimination, and violation of the right to associate and collectively bargain, among others. This includes both onsite and offsite assessments and stakeholder interviews.

  • Foreign Worker Assessment 

Our foreign/migrant worker assessments are designed to detect labor abuses specific to the employment of foreign and migrant workers through in-depth and detailed analysis of how these workers are recruited, deployed, and employed. Integral to these assessments is a due diligence review of labor agency practices and an analysis of recruitment-related fees and costs paid by workers that provide the basis for recommendations on repayment process and amounts.  

  • Labor Agency Audits 

Verite’s pioneering audits of recruitment agencies and labor providers determine their ethical recruitment performance against Verite’s Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Recruitment, The FAIR Hiring Initiative’s (TFHI’s) On The Level standards, and the RBA Supplemental Validated Audit Process (SVAP) for Forced Labor.

  • RBA Audits

RBA Audits are audits conducted in the electronics sector against the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct. These assessment cover labor, ethics, management system, health and safety, and environment within the RBA’s validated audit process (VAP). The report is issued on the latest version of the RBA reporting tool in keeping with validated audit report (VAR) protocols.

Capacity Building and Consulting

One of our major working units is the Capacity Building & Consulting team, composed of dedicated professionals with a blend of expertise in the fields of social audit, learning, research, management interventions and health & safety.  The team is determined to perform and fulfill the following roles:

Solutions Provider

  • Determine best approach in addressing social compliance challenges

  • Offer tailor-fit organization development solutions and strategies

  • Impart research and experience-based advice in building social compliance programs

Facilitators of Learning ways to solve and manage social compliance issues

  • Strengthen auditing skills

  • Build capability in problem solving and systems thinking

  • Provide know-how in risk identification and management

Thinking Partner

  • Help look for opportunities for improvement without reinventing the wheel

  • Challenge the process and/or change status quo, if needed

  • Engage organization in determining how to become better…

Policy Advocacy And Stakeholder Engagement

We pursue comprehensive and inclusive advocacy strategies and campaigns with government, business, workers’ groups and other civil society stakeholders in the region to create meaningful changes in the lives of workers and their families. We ensure that workers’ realities inform our advocacies and policy agenda, and the collaborative relationships that we pursue. We create spaces for networking, capacity building and common advocacy among government, business, workers’ groups and other civil society stakeholders in both sending and receiving countries across industries.

Research and Innovation

We design and implement independent,  original research, and develop learning materials and tools, to support innovative solutions to systemic labor issues. We study key  challenges and best practices in responsible supply chain sourcing;  Leveraging our grassroots access and strong networks, we provide a unique, bottom-up, objective view of labor conditions at the commodity, product, sector, and country level; mapping patterns of human trafficking and forced labor, child labor, and other egregious and systemic issues. Our research and  investigations uncover the root causes and drivers of worker vulnerability in various sectors and migration corridors. We shed light on pressing issues and provide evidence-based analysis of labor conditions in various geographies and  in new types and areas of work like logistics, materials recycling, and the gig economy; and on the impacts of macro conditions such as climate change on labor and the movement of peoples.