The Verité Advantage

Verité Southeast Asia develops solutions at the intersection of worker interest and business imperatives in the global supply chain. Our services are developed, conducted and carried out by subject matter experts who are:


Multi-Industry field drawn experience of over 20 years
Dual to triple-hat roles in social auditing, capability building and research to ensure rich understanding of issues


Ears-on-the-ground from close client and stakeholder collaborations
Actively involved in creating meaningful and actionable learning solutions


Mission-driven, ensuring Workers’ Rights succeed in thriving business environment
Courageous conversations in pursuit of continuous improvement

Featured Webinars

Since 15 June 2020, Verité Southeast Asia has been offering needs-driven webinars to help you and your organization strengthen capability in meeting social compliance requirements.

Explore our consulting services to identify ways your organization can take proactive and business-aligned steps in managing social responsibility.

My Labor Matters

My Labor Matters is a multi-channel communication platform that provides up-to-date information on relevant and emerging labor issues to empower jobseekers and workers and help them make better, informed choices.

Sector Expertise
Apparel & Garments
Hard Goods
Palm Oil