Webinar-Convertible Courses
Explore a list of Webinar-convertible courses to help your organizations meet your Social Responsibility goals

Direct & Respond to Situations, Correct & Develop Maintenance Activities

  • Verité Systems Approach to Implementing Social Responsibility Standards

  • Verité Systems Approach to Implementing Ethical Recruitment Standards 

  • Understanding the international legal requirements on Forced Labor & Trafficking (e.g. UK Modern Slavery Act)

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) for Social Responsibility

  • People Management for Social Responsibility

For Social Auditors and Internal Compliance Auditors:

  • Verité Ethical Recruitment & Employment Auditor Training (VERA for Employment Sites)

  • Industry-Specific Auditing Courses (customized for industries, e.g. Agriculture & Electronics)

  • RBA Labor and Ethics Lead Auditor Training Course

Supplemental Course:

  • Verité Ethical Recruitment / Labor Agency Auditor Training

Prevent, Monitor, & Self-Correct – Focused on Managing Risks and Threats

  • Performance Improvement Approach for Social Responsibility

  • Requirements for Setting up a Supply Chain Social Responsibility Program

  • Setting up a System for Supplier Social Responsibility Performance Monitoring

  • Managing Forced Labor and Trafficking Risks/  or Implementing Controls to Manage FL Risks / Implementing Risk-based approach to FL Requirements 

  • Values-based Worker Engagement Workshop

Create & Transform Social Impact within and across industries

  • Social Responsibility Strategy Planning

  • Coaching for CSR Success

  • Organizational Capability Assessments

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